When it comes to anesthesia for medical procedures, there is a range of options. Can your surgeon provide the office-based anesthesia in Virginia necessary for your procedure? Do you need a physician anesthesiologist (MD) or a nurse anesthetist (CRNA)? What is the difference between these classifications? At SleepGuardian, we can answer that question. Our team is made up of a highly trained group of physician anesthesiologists, intent on giving your patients hospital-level care in the comfort of your office. To learn about SleepGuardian and the benefits of working with our expert team, contact us today by calling 844.904.4742.

Who is a Physician Anesthesiologist?

A physician anesthesiologist is a medical doctor that has completed over 12 years of education and more than twelve thousand hours of training in anesthesia care, critical care medicine, and pain management. They also have extensive knowledge about how to treat the entire body.

A physician anesthesiologist can also evaluate, monitor, and supervise patient care from the beginning to the end of the medical procedure. They work to ensure the patient’s overall health and comfort.

A physician anesthesiologist is different from an anesthesia nurse. A nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is an advanced practice nurse. They have specialized training in anesthesia after working in intensive care settings. They have a master’s degree in nursing and have passed the exam to be certified as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Most states require nurse anesthetists to work under the guidance of a physician anesthesiologist.

When you want an expert in anesthesia, the best option is a physician anesthesiologist.

Benefits of Using a SleepGuardian Physician Anesthesiologist?

A SleepGuardian physician works directly with physicians, surgeons, and/or dentists during any type of procedure or surgery. Before the office-based anesthesia procedure, they work with the entire medical team to make assessments about the patient’s health. SleepGuardian physicians do this in order to make sure the patient’s anesthetic is tailored specifically to the procedure and that it is effective, safe, and comfortable. During surgery, SleepGuardian physicians will monitor the patient’s vital signs to make sure their lungs and heart are protected and working well. Then, after surgery, they ensure that the patient’s recovery is as comfortable as possible by limiting nausea and pain.

Working with a SleepGuardian physician ensures that the surgeons, doctors, and nurses can put their focus on the success of the procedure. It also creates peace of mind in the event of an anesthetic emergency, a SleepGuardian provider is the most prepared physician in the room.

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When you contact SleepGuardian, you get the benefit of our experience and care. We offer a wide range of office-based anesthesia in Virginia and options for a variety of medical care specialties, including:

It’s critical to get expert-level care for the safety and health of your patients. At SleepGuardian, we can give your patient that type of care. To learn more about SleepGuardian, contact us today at 844.904.4742.

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