a doctor explaining to a patient how surgery will go with anesthesia for spine and interventional radiologyIf your patient needs anesthesia for spine and interventional radiology, it’s critical to choose experts in this field. Doing so ensures the safety and comfort of the patient throughout the procedure. It also allows the surgeon to focus on what should be the priority: the patient’s successful operation. At SleepGuardian, we’re committed to the overall safety and welfare throughout the medical procedure, just as you are. To learn more about our office-based anesthesia in Virginia, contact SleepGuardian today by calling 844.904.4742.

Benefits of Anesthesia for Spine and Interventional Radiology 

One of the significant advantages of our anesthesia for spine and interventional radiology services is that we can take some of the pressure off of the surgeon. When a patient needs treatment, the surgeon’s focus should be on making sure that the patient gets through the procedure in the safest way. When we work with a surgeon, we make sure that’s where his or her focus is. In turn, we make sure that the patient receives the right amount of medication at the proper time. As a result, the patient gets through each part of the treatment safely and comfortably. We offer office-based anesthesia in Virginia for spine and interventional radiology in a range of methods. The most common choice is through both intravenous (IV) and a breathing tube. 

Additionally, we work in the comfort of the radiologist’s office, rather than in a hospital setting. This setting can lower the overall costs to the patient in the long run. Additionally, many patients may find hospitals to be uncomfortable and unfamiliar. By receiving the operation in a familiar location, the patient may be more comfortable and less anxious. In addition, our physician anesthesiologists are kind and caring. They will talk to the patient beforehand and explain the process so that he or she knows what to expect.

Benefits of Having a Physician Anesthesiologist Perform Anesthesia for Spine and Interventional Radiology

At SleepGuardian, each of our staff members are board-certified physician anesthesiologists. In other words, they have received at least three years’ worth of training in airway, general anesthesia, and emergency management. This training makes sure that they are prepared for any emergency, and can make life-saving decisions if necessary. They can also prevent a variety of complications, evaluate the patient’s overall health, and respond to any underlying medical conditions. The goal of our team is to get the patient through the process as safely and as comfortably as possible.

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At SleepGuardian, we can provide exceptional care to patients who need office-based anesthesia in Virginia for spine and interventional radiology. In addition to our radiology services, we also offer anesthesia for a range of other procedures, including:

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