Anesthesia for Urology ServicesThough most people don’t often think or talk about it, a urologist can play a significant part in keeping a person healthy. In some situations, maintaining that goal may require minimally invasive or invasive surgery, which, in turn, involves office-based anesthesia for urology services. In such circumstances, it is vital to have a physician anesthesiologist the surgeon can trust beside them. We’re committed to providing SleepGuardian specialties to your patients. To learn more about the office-based anesthesia in Virginia that we provide, contact us today at 844.904.4742. Read more of our anesthesia blogs here:

Advantages of Anesthesia for Urology Services

Many procedures may require a urologist. These can range from minimally invasive exams to intensive surgical procedures. When it comes time for surgery, the urologist needs to be able to focus on fixing the matter at hand. Monitoring the patient’s conditions and vitals should be the anesthesiologist’s job.

With our office-based anesthesia in Virginia for urology services, we ensure that we complete our part. We focus on making sure that the patient receives the appropriate amount of medication at the right time. We also continuously work with the medical staff to make sure no complications arise. As a result, the surgeon can keep his attention where it belongs: on the surgery.

Our team wants to make sure that the patient is comfortable from the beginning of the surgery to the end. Therefore, we make sure to provide hospital-level care in the comfort of the urologist’s office. That way, the patient already knows the doctors and medical staff who are assisting in the surgery.
In addition to making sure that the patient is comfortable in the location, our kind and compassionate anesthesiologists will answer any questions that they may have about our process. Doing so allows the patient to relax and ease their worries before the surgery takes place. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Advantages of Our Team of Physician Anesthesiologists

Each person on our team at SleepGuardian is a physician anesthesiologist, which means they have had extensive training in general anesthesia, airway, and emergency management. It also means that they can manage emergency situations if they arise as they are providing anesthesia for urology services.

A physician anesthesiologist has attended thousands of hours of training so that they can give each patient expert-level care. With this training, they learn to make critical decisions, prevent medical complications, evaluate a patient’s health, and respond to any underlying conditions. In short, they can make quick and professional decisions to protect the patient.

Our expert anesthesiologists work each day to ensure that each patient gets through the procedure safely. Therefore, we recommend that before each procedure, our team talks to the patient and makes sure that they understand what to do before the surgery. For instance, our team will make sure that the patients understand not to eat or drink six hours before the procedure. We also talk to the patients to understand any underlying concerns that may affect the procedure, such as:

  • Heavy drug or alcohol use
  • Underlying health issues, such as lung disease or heart problems
  • Questions and anxieties patients have concerning the procedure
  • Any experiences that the patients may have previously had with anesthesia

Our team has your patients’ best interests at heart. Therefore, we will do our best to calm their fears, and because the procedure occurs in the comfort of the doctor’s office, they can feel at ease before, during, and after the procedure. 

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At SleepGuardian, our physician anesthesiologists focus on making sure that the patient is comfortable and safe as we provide office-based anesthesia in Virginia for urology services. Your patient’s safety and overall wellbeing during surgery is our top priority.

In addition to our anesthesia for urology services, we also provide a range of other services, such as:

  • Gynecological and fertility operations
  • Gastroenterological procedures
  • Urology operations
  • Ear, nose, and throat operations
  • Spine and interventional radiology procedures

To learn more about our physician anesthesiologists or office-based anesthesia in Virginia for urology services, contact SleepGuardian today at 844.904.4742.

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