Before receiving in-office anesthesia procedures, it can be helpful to know more about the process, about who is a good candidate for office-based sedation, and what you can expect. Read through our frequently asked questions and contact SleepGuardian by Anesthesia Connections at 844.904.4742 if you have more questions.

Are there different kinds of sedation?

Yes. SleepGuardian offers three different levels of sedation for our clients. 

  • Mild sedation – In this state, your anxieties are relieved, but you are totally conscious and able to respond throughout the procedure. This might be used in tandem with local anesthesia, and you will likely remember the procedure, though you will not feel pain.
  • Moderate sedation – This level of sedation takes you to a much more relaxed state, although you are still conscious and able to respond. However, you aren’t going to remember much of your experience.
  • Deep sedation or general anesthesia (GA) –  When we administer deep sedation or general anesthesia, you will fall into a deep sleep and be unconscious for the entire time. You will not remember the procedure upon waking and will not feel any pain.

Your physician/dentist and anesthesiologist will help you understand which level of sedation is right for your needs. At SleepGuardian, we work closely with the entire medical team to make assessments about the patient’s health and to determine an anesthesiology plan that is tailored to the patient.

Who qualifies for sedation services?

Most patients qualify for the peaceful, time-saving experience of being given sedation. However, special preparations may be required for the following:

  • Patients with diabetes
  • Certain heart conditions
  • Those who suffer from asthma
  • Patients with other medical conditions

Our team of physician anesthesiologists will review each situation and advise whether or not sedation is appropriate. 

How much do sedation services cost?

Every patient, procedure, and insurance plan is unique. Contact our office to learn more about our fee-for-service.

Will insurance pay for sedation?

Many dental insurance policies do not cover office-based anesthesia. However, our fee for in-office anesthesia services is as low as possible. You can also check with your insurance carrier before the procedure to determine whether or not the anesthesia claim can be reimbursed. Your health insurance carrier can confirm if the anesthesia service is a covered benefit based on your elected health insurance plan. All insurance plans are different and we strongly recommend you contact your health insurance provider for information about any financial responsibility. 

What areas does SleepGuardian by Anesthesia Connections serve?

SleepGuardian works with a wide variety of care providers in Virginia. We partner with dental practices, gynecologists, and doctor’s offices in Alexandria, Falls Church, Leesburg, and beyond. Some of the specialties we provide anesthesia for include the following:

We invite you to review our SleepGuardian centers and contact your care provider to learn if in-office anesthesia is available for your next medical or dental procedure.

Why should I choose office-based anesthesia?

Office-based anesthesia provides many benefits for both physicians and patients. As a patient, you’ll be able to go through your dental or medical procedure in the comfort of your physician’s office. Both patients and physicians can save money through this option. And if you feel anxiety about medical or dental procedures, in-office anesthesia can relieve your fears.

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To learn more about our in-office anesthesia services, including whether or not you are a good candidate for in-office anesthesia and the potential costs, reach out to our team today. Our physician anesthesiologists will work closely with your care provider to determine the best anesthesiology plan for your needs. Reach SleepGuardian by Anesthesia Connections at 844.904.4742 to find out how we can make your next medical or dental procedure comfortable, painless, and safe.