equipment showcasing the sleep guardian proceduresWhen it comes to serious medical procedures, doctors, surgeons, and medical staff need to know they’re working with experts. If they don’t, there can be extreme consequences. At SleepGuardian, our physician anesthesiologists provide office-based anesthesia in Virginia for medical procedures and dental procedures. Additionally, our staff members must enroll and complete significant amounts of training to provide SleepGuardian procedures. We do this to make sure that your patients are comfortable and safe throughout our services. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 844.904.4742.

Office-Based Anesthesia in VA for Dental Procedures

We perform many of our SleepGuardian procedures alongside dentists. There are a variety of reasons that someone may need office-based local anesthesia in Virginia for dental procedures. Sometimes a patient is uncomfortable with the idea of dentists and needs sedation dentistry to get their teeth cleaned. Other times, the dentist needs to do significant dental work or oral surgery.

Many patients fear the dentist and having dental work done can be extremely stressful. They may not want to go under general anesthesia, which will make them completely unconscious during the procedure. If patients are particularly nervous or scared about going to the dentist, they may need sedation dentistry. This type of treatment focuses on making patients comfortable and relaxed so that they can have their dental procedures performed without needing general anesthesia.

Patients also may need to have office-based anesthesia for dental work due to other factors, such as a medical condition. Injuries or drug interactions can make it very difficult or dangerous to be put under general anesthesia. In these cases, the dentist will administer sedation methods that keep patients comfortable and relaxed during their procedure.

Office-based anesthesia for dental surgery is an excellent option for patients who need or want it and allows dentists to do extensive work in the office without cutting down on patient care.

In all of these circumstances, our services are ideal. We work in the comfort of the dentist’s office. By getting treatment in their dentist’s office, patients will see that the cost goes down. It also enables the dentist to work in a familiar treatment area that he or she knows with the dental staff he or she knows and feels comfortable with.

Office-Based Anesthesia in VA for Medical Procedures

While office-based anesthesia for dental procedures is essential, it is not the only SleepGuardian procedure we provide. We also provide anesthesia for medical surgery, including:

Many medical services can be painful or uncomfortable without anesthetic care. With our SleepGuardian procedures, we do our best to make sure that patients do not feel this pain or discomfort during their procedure. For instance, we work in the doctor’s office to give patients the care and medication they need in the comfort of a familiar place. However, each patient receives hospital-level anesthetic care. 

Additionally, many SleepGuardian procedures require carefully monitored anesthetic care. For instance, ear, nose, and throat procedures are among the most dangerous when it comes to anesthetic services. Fortunately, our SleepGuardian procedures are staffed with physician anesthesiologists. All of them have training in the airway, general anesthetics, and emergency management. During these procedures, our staff members monitor the patient’s condition and welfare. If they see a problem, they have the necessary training to make life-saving decisions. 

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At SleepGuardian, our office-based anesthesia solutions for medical procedures and dental procedures are reliable for a range of medical services. We are committed to the patients’ care and wellbeing throughout the process. Moreover, we want to help them feel comfortable working with us. Therefore, if your patient has any questions about SleepGuardian procedures, we’re happy to answer them. Our kind and compassionate staff members will sit down with them to ease their fears and anxieties.

To learn more about our anesthetic services or about our exceptional physician anesthesiologists, contact SleepGuardian today at 844.904.4742

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