dental procedure in virginia

Where to Find the Best Care for Your Dental Procedure

Getting a dental procedure does not mean settling for local anesthesia. Some dentists in Virginia offer the option of in-office anesthesia for dental procedures to improve patient comfort and fears. Physician-administered anesthesia in the dental office provides multiple benefits to both dentists and their patients. When patients seek this type of care, they can ensure…

dentist near leesburg

7 Questions To Ask Your Before Choosing A Dentist Near Leesburg

Finding a dentist to provide various services is never easy for those who need general dentistry services. Moreover, the type of care required will differ for each patient. However, there are some questions to ask when trying to find a suitable dentist near Leesburg who will offer a range of services, including dental sedation services in…

anesthesia provider in virginia

How to Find an Anesthesia Provider in Virginia

Anesthesiologists typically work separately from surgeons and doctors. When helping physicians and dentists with in-office procedures, they also work separately. To find an anesthesia provider in Virginia, start with the specialist in sedation. Then find doctors for the procedure required who work with that specialist. By using this method, the patient ensures the doctor giving…

general anesthesia services

What Are General Anesthesia Services?

Medical procedures often require sedation. That helps minimize risks to patients, including those associated with pain. Yet, many patients wonder about general anesthesia services, especially when they find that line on their healthcare bill. It is important to understand what these services are and, whenever possible, how to reduce them. At SleepGuardian in Virginia, we…

oral surgeon vs. dentist

Differences Between An Oral Surgeon and a Dentist

When looking at the difference between these two roles, you can compare procedures performed by an oral surgeon vs. a dentist. Some dental procedures require oral surgery that a dentist isn’t qualified to perform. Hiring a physician to administer anesthesia allows your dental professional to concentrate on the surgery. Sleep Guardian provides qualified anesthesia specialists for…