dental anxiety

Steps You Can Take if You Suffer From Dental Anxiety

Many people struggle with dental anxiety, a condition in which a person struggles with getting dental care because of intense episodes of anxiety before and during appointments. Many times, people avoid going to the dentist because of this fear. Yet, there are multiple ways to reduce anxiety to make the experience less worrisome when it…

patient care at medical centers

How To Tell If Your Medical Center Puts Patients First 

Patient care is an important component of the experience a person has in any medical scenario. No matter how significant or risky the procedure is, patient services need to provide for a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment within that medical facility. When patient care at medical centers is positive, a person feels more at ease…

medical treatments for in office anesthesia

Medical Treatments Requiring In-Office Anesthesia

There is no reason for patients to be stressed about having a medical procedure in 2021. Anesthesia is common, and there are trained professionals that monitor you while you are under, following strict guidelines set by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. If you are wondering when medical treatments for in-office anesthesia become an option, contact…

finding a medical anesthesia center in virginia

How To Find An Anesthesia Center in Virginia

When your doctor has recommended a procedure that requires anesthesia, you might be interested in finding a medical anesthesia center in Virginia. Whether your doctor is willing to perform the procedure in their office or recommends that you travel to another office, having professional, board-approved physician anesthesiologists from SleepGuardian is crucial to your health and…

woman getting emergency management for ENT

Emergency Management During ENT Procedures

Whenever a practice provides advanced services, there are risks. Even in a hospital setting where everything can be controlled, risks exist. For many of today’s healthcare providers, finding a way to offer more service in-office has never been more important. And, with emergency management for ENT services available through SleepGuardian, it has never been easier…