woman getting sleepguardian plastic surgery procedures

Why Choose Sleep Guardian For Plastic Surgery?

Do you provide plastic surgery procedures in your office? More and more, today’s patients are looking for full-service doctors. These are people that can solve their problems in their office, so they do not need to go to additional locations for care. When it comes to plastic surgery in VA, doctors can count on SleepGuardian to…

woman getting gynecology and fertility anesthesia

Benefits of In-Office Anesthesia For Gynecology & Fertility

Some gynecology and fertility treatments can be uncomfortable or even painful. For many patients, anesthesia can help. Whether you are going through IVF and will be going through egg retrieval and implantation, are facing cancer treatments, or are in need of endometrial ablation, in-office anesthesia for gynecology and fertility can make the procedure pain-free. If…

anesthesia benefits for physicians

Benefits of In-Office Anesthesia For Physicians

While it’s easy to see the benefits of office-based anesthesia for patients, you might not realize that this sedation option offers many benefits for physicians as well. If you have had a hard time expanding the services that you offer or have had scheduling difficulties with your local hospital, consider office-based anesthesia in VA to…

woman learning about office based anesthesia procedures

What Types of Procedures Work Best For Office-Based Anesthesia?

If you’re facing an upcoming medical or dental procedure, you might feel worried about all the different factors. You want to feel confident that you have an experienced surgeon. You also want to know about any potential complications from the procedure, and you want to know that it will help resolve whatever medical issue you…

patient getting in office anesthesia

Why Seek In-Office General Anesthesia?

Do you need surgery, but have put off the procedure? Are you hesitant about going to the hospital due to fears about unknown fees? If you have found yourself wishing there was another option, there might be: in-office anesthesia is available for both medical and dental procedures. SleepGuardian offers office-based anesthesia in VA for a…

doctor discusing office based anesthesia

Where To Find Office Based Anesthesia Services in VA

If you are in need of a medical or dental procedure in Virginia, you might not know that there are in-office anesthesia options available to you. Many patients choose anesthesia for certain procedures. For those who feel anxious about medical procedures, anesthesia is a way to keep fears at bay and minimize pain. For physicians,…

insurance claim form office based anesthesia cost

How Office-Based Anesthesia Can Save Money

For those who are facing an upcoming medical or dental procedure, such as wisdom teeth removal or a plastic surgery procedure, they may worry about the costs. Medical procedures can be expensive, and when you add anesthesia to the mix, they can become more costly. However, choosing office-based sedation instead of going through a procedure…